Day 1 of the event’s competition will commence with the Super Special Stage (SSS) at The Bend Motorsport Park’s Stadium Track, run twice on the evening of Friday 21st of September 2018 from 6:00pm until 9:00pm.

The format of the SSS will allow the competitors to go head to head, as there will be two cars on the track at a time.  This will be a thrilling spectacle and spectators will be able to see firsthand the power of the rally cars and an exhibition of the incredibly skilled teams.

Once the SSS is complete, all competitors will transport back to the Adelaide Hills Rally Service Park and Headquarters at the Mount Barker Showgrounds. This is where, over the weekend, the public will take part in the country fair atmosphere melded within a motorsport festival.

6:00pm Friday 21st of September 2018. – in the search box type any part of 2018 BOTT Adelaide Hills Rally Super Special Stages