Mount Alma Mile

The 1.6km track is the longest currently being used in SA, and plays host to a field of 160 competitors. In the first three years, organisers were forced to turn hopeful competitors away due to filling the field before entries officially closed.
30 & 31 March 2019

The Mount Alma Mile Hill climb runs a unique results system, which combines times from all runs to rank the competitors and decide on top 12 in both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles. This system rewards consistent drivers with reliable vehicles, as one wrong move or a mechanical failure could put you out of the running. Spectators also get to see each car attempt the maximum number of runs.

Hill climb events like the Mount Alma Mile are the very essence of motorsport. The drivers compete purely for the love of driving. The rivalry is friendly, and drivers will often trade tips or lend a hand to help one another out. Many cars have been built, modified or maintained by a family or a group of friends, and are entered multiple times to give each contributor a chance to drive. Most drivers know each part of their car from previous repair or upgrade, and can drive the machine to its limit, knowing that the consequence of pushing it too far is a DIY repair, possibly before they can drive home. The budgets are tight, the solutions are creative, and the pure passion for motorsport is everywhere you look.