Introducing competitors Rob Hunt and Jeremy Browne!

Introducing competitors Rob Hunt and Jeremy Browne!

October 12, 2020 Competitor Bio AHR 2020 0

Competitor BioCar: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo6

Favourite Stages:Rob- Mawsons Row – Adelaide Hills;- The long stages – Heartland; and- Kemiss Hill/James track – Fleurieu Penninsula.

Jeremy- Mawsons Row – Adelaide Hills;- Balquuidder – Fleurieu Penninsula;- Montacute (tarmac); and- Moralana Gorge.

“Rob and Jeremy have both been rallying since 1965, sometimes together and sometimes as competitors. Both drive, codrive and officiate. Both have been State Champion codriver, so there is no shortage of experience!

Past events have included the Australian Rally Championship, London-Sydney Rally, navigational and stage rallies in Australia and overseas. 2019 saw top five and podium placings. What they lack in youth they make up with in cunning…”(Their words not ours!😆)

Looking forward to seeing an experienced team compete next weekend!