Introducing competitors Stephen Mee and Jason Page

Introducing competitors Stephen Mee and Jason Page

October 13, 2020 Competitor Bio AHR 2020 0

Competitor BioTeam: McMRallysport.

Stephen Mee, Jason Page, Fiona McCubbin-Mee

‘Team Manager” Michael Brown “Service Manager”

Car “#RallyRolla” 2007 Toyota Corolla

Sponsors: Currently self funded, would love assistance!

Year of first event: 1993 – Canberra

Looking forward to: This event will be the first time Jason and Stephen have been together in a car. They are looking for a good finish, but would like to create a cohesive team and gel together. Hopefully it will lead to a long competitive relationship and they can progress into future events from there.

Favourite rally stage: Canberra – love the technicality of the forests stages which reward good rhythm and skill, not outright horsepower.

Thank you Stephen and Jason, good luck at your first event together, we hope you have a good finish!